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Meet Jennifer Ericson

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Meet Jennifer Ericson, the driving force behind our boudoir photography journey. As the co-owner and lead photographer, Jennifer plays a pivotal role in capturing the essence of empowerment through her lens.

Passion for Boudoir

After experiencing the transformative power of boudoir photography personally, Jennifer was inspired to reshape our business model. She is not just a photographer. She is the guiding force during sessions, leading all the posing and ensuring every photo reflects the essence of our brand.

Personal Journey

Jennifer’s commitment to empowering women goes beyond the camera lens. As she struggled with body image throughout her life, she understands the impact our work has on women’s lives. Her dedication led her to a top online professional makeup certification course in NYC. Becoming a certified makeup artist allows her to contribute even more to the transformative process.

Behind the Scenes

From capturing the perfect shot during sessions to meticulous photo editing, Jennifer is the creative mind ensuring our photos and brand consistently shine. Her personal journey adds a unique touch to every session, creating an environment where every woman can feel truly empowered.

Vision for Empowerment

With a deep understanding of the powerful impact of boudoir photography, Jennifer continues to lead our mission of empowering women to embrace their beauty and redefine self-perception.

Connect with Jennifer

Meet Bobby Ericson

Founder and Lead Videographer

Meet Bobby Ericson, the visionary behind Ericson’s Photography since its inception in 2007. As the lead videographer for boudoir sessions, Bobby brings a passion for showcasing the beauty and strength of every woman.

Inspiring Beauty

Bobby’s journey began with a commitment to helping women see their beauty. His excitement in revealing Jennifer’s beauty was a turning point, sparking a passion for inspiring women to view themselves in a positive light.

We Cover Cheer and Dance

Beyond boudoir, Bobby manages ‘We Cover Cheer and Dance,’ a venture that captures the spirit and energy of pro, college, and high school cheer/dance teams through captivating photos and videos featured on We Cover Cheer and Dance website.

History of Ericson’s Photography

Ericson’s Photography Outdoor Sign 2010

Inception in 2007

Ericson’s Photography started in 2007 in Lincoln, NE, blossoming from a small studio into a business capturing moments of joy and empowerment. Initially focused on weddings, studio portraits and cheer/dance, our journey evolved as we discovered the profound impact of boudoir photography.

Meeting Jennifer

The turning point came in 2013 when Jennifer joined the business. Her passion for photography aligned seamlessly with Bobby’s vision, and together they shaped the future of Ericson’s Photography.

Relocating to San Diego in 2023

The most significant chapter in our history unfolded in 2023 when we made the exciting decision to relocate to San Diego. Enamored by the community and eager to share our passion for boudoir photography, we are thrilled to grow and continue empowering women in the vibrant city of San Diego.

Future Growth

As we embark on this new chapter, we look forward to expanding our presence, creating lasting connections, and continuing to capture the essence of empowerment through our lens.

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