Boudoir FAQ

Boudoir FAQ

🌟 Welcome to Ericson’s Photography Boudoir FAQ! 🌟 Got burning questions about our luxury boudoir sessions? You’re in the right place! Dive into the fabulous world of boudoir FAQs! We unravel the mysteries surrounding your luxury boudoir experience with Ericson’s Photography. Wondering what to wear, how long it takes, or if you need to bring your own lingerie (spoiler: Nope, we have sizes from XS-4XL for you to choose from!)? We’ve got you covered!

And hey, if your curiosity isn’t satisfied by the end of this page, don’t hesitate to slide into our inbox at or (fill out our Contact Us and we will reach out to you) – because your queries are as VIP as your boudoir journey! 💋✨

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Boudoir photography is a style of intimate and sensual photography that celebrates your unique beauty and confidence. It typically involves tasteful, elegant, and empowering images of individuals in lingerie, sleepwear, or other intimate attire.

Boudoir photography is for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. It’s a form of self-expression and empowerment, and it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to boost their self-esteem and celebrate their beauty.

You can wear anything that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Popular choices include lingerie, corsets, bodysuits, or even a simple oversized sweater. We can discuss outfit options during our consultation to ensure you feel your best.

Absolutely not! Most of our clients have no prior modeling experience. We’ll guide you through poses and provide direction to help you look and feel your best during the session.

A boudoir session typically lasts 1 to 2 hours, allowing plenty of time for outfit changes and various poses.

Imagine the ultimate 6-hour boudoir experience, starting at just $500! We’ve got the works – from glam hair & makeup to exploring our fabulous client wardrobe. Our photoshoot is all about making you feel like the shining star you are, with full guidance through every pose. And here’s the best part – after the spotlight moment, you get your private viewing and ordering session. Revel in the empowering boudoir experience as you explore all your stunning images and embrace the Hollywood-worthy vibes! 💖🌟 It’s not just a session; it’s a feel-good journey!

While the $500 session fee covers the full-blown boudoir extravaganza, the actual images are like the dessert – extra but oh-so-worth-it! 🍰💫

We’ve got two fantastic routes to choose from: Collections, the all-inclusive package for the full shebang, or A La Carte Pricing, the mix-and-match wonder for ultimate personalization. Our Collections pricing kicks off at $2,200 and sky’s the limit with a bunch of rad options to make your boudoir dreams come true.

Let’s craft a package that screams ‘you’ and leaves you with the most fabulous products to showcase your individual style! 💃✨ The average client spends $5,400 on their perfect Collection!

Yes! All of your images will be edited but honestly, our editing style is very minimal because you are beautiful just as you are! 

We do minimal editing such a smoothing, getting rid of temporary blemishes, and sometimes a little toning. With our posing guidance and wardrobe choices, photoshop toning is basically non-existent in our editing style 

We do offer additional retouching services such as cellulite, stretch mark and scars but that is always up to you. 

We are here to show you exactly how naturally stunning you are! 

Heck yes we do! All of our payment plans are interest free and can be set up for as long as 12 months! They are so simple and flexible that your dream session is about to become a reality! We are always happy to discuss payment plan options on the phone prior to booking. All you have to do is setup one of our Free Consults! 

*No obligation required*

That’s super simple! Just reach out to us as soon as your are ready and we will setup a Pre-Session Consult to go over all the information you need to have your dream boudoir experience, including availability and pricing.  Once you pay the Session Fee (we collect a $500 Session Fee), you are fully scheduled and good to go for your session! 

Nope! We always love to share images because you are gorgeous but we will not share any images without your permission. Boudoir photography is an intimate journey and it is up to you who sees any of your images. 

Our studio and offices are located in Hillcrest, CA! We love being nestled in the heart of San Diego’s vibrant Hillcrest neighborhood. Conveniently, our office and studio are just a brief 10-minute drive apart.

Get ready for the grand unveiling! Your moment of magic happens at the Reveal Session, hosted via Zoom approximately one week post-session. Here, the curtain lifts, and you’ll lay eyes on your breathtaking images for the very first time. This is your opportunity to curate your personalized collection, selecting the images that will grace your chosen luxury Album, Folio Box, and Wall Art, alongside the digital treasures you can’t live without. It’s a celebration of your unique journey, and we’re here to ensure every image resonates with the essence of your extraordinary boudoir experience. 🌟

We got you covered girl! We will show you all of the best poses to flatter your body type and make you feel like the queen you are! 

I totally get why that would seem like a good idea but it really isn’t. Sometimes having an audience, even one that you love and trust, can make you hold back. And trust me, this is the time to relax, let loose and let us be your biggest cheerleaders! 

A few weeks before your session, you will receive our amazing Session Prep Guide! 

A few Must-Do Preparations are:

  • Water Water Water…drink lots of it!
  • Make sure you eat as your session is going to be a workout and you will need the energy!
  • Start stretching a few weeks before your session so you won’t be as sore the days following your boudoir session. 
  • And the most important, HAVE FUN! We are an amazing team and you are going to have a fabulous experience! 

We usually book 3-4 months in advance but you can book as far as 12 months in advance. I usually recommend clients book as soon as possible as we can’t hold any dates without the Session Fee having been paid. And we once our calendar is full, there will not be any new dates added and last-minute availability is very rare. 

Hair & Makeup is NOT something you want to skip! Not only will the pampering experience help boost your confidence during the shoot but your boudoir is all about treating yourself like the queen you are! Our Hair & Makeup Artists are amazing and you will feel like a million bucks after you get up from her chair!