Meet Bobby Ericson

In the early 2000’s, I bought a cell phone that was able to take photos. I can look at that moment remembering taking photos from my phone and the feeling I got. I was able to capture real time what was happening without having to worry about film and processing. I started learning more about photography and I wanted to buy my first “real” camera. DSLR’s were just coming out into the market but were really expensive. SLR’s were much cheaper but the thought of having to develop film turned me off. In 2006, I bought my first DSLR camera. I got it as a packaged deal off eBay. I took that camera every where!

I started taking it to sporting events. I eventually met an editor for a hip-hop magazine. He wanted to feature sports in the magazine. I rented a f2.8 70-200 lens and got my first credential to a sporting event. Creighton Women’s Volleyball match. I had so much fun! It then led me doing more sports for the magazine and eventually I started up a business called Bobby’s Sports Photography. I then was asked to start doing weddings and other events. So, I changed the name to Ericson’s Photography and here we are. I have been in business over 13 years.

I do all kinds of photography. Anything from studio work to on location. I also do graphic design. My specialty is still sports photography. I started up a Cheer/Dance media company where I utilize my photography skills to showcase how amazing of a sport Cheer/Dance is. That has also turned into my photography being showcased in gymnastics as well.

*Due to NCAA regulations, my photography of sanctioned NCAA sporting events is not for sale*