What is our “pre-sale”? 
Our Black Friday Pre-Sale is when you get a little something extra for booking during the presale before the regular black friday sale goes live! The presale is not reserved for anybody in particular, just if you want the bonus, then nows the time to book! 


What you’ll receive for $250: 

🌸 Luxury Boudoir Session ($500 value)
🌸 Professional Hair and Makeup
🌸 Expert Posing Guidance
🌸 Client Closet Access (XS-5X, 180+ pieces) 
🌸 Personalized Reveal Session 
🌸 25% Off Collections

PRESALE BONUS:🌸 FREE Leather Alligator Mini Accordion Book (pssst….these are one of my favorite items!! And we just released them this month!)

 Let’s Talk about Booking Your Boudoir Session! 

Fill out this form to have us reach out to setup your consult call!


What is a reveal session?

A reveal session is where we sit down and go through your fully edited images for the first time 1-2 weeks after your session! This is where you can pick your favorite images, design your album, and/or order extra products! 

When and Where will my session take place?

Your session can take place any time in 2024! Your session will be located in one of our San Diego studios!

What is the difference between the presale and the regular black friday sale?

The difference is, those who book during the presale are going to receive that gorgeous leather accordion book, whereas, those that wait until the regular black Friday sale will not receive this amazing bonus!!

*All images and products are sold separately.

**Prepayment Plans Available for 3, 6, and 10 months. 

***Average Client spends $3500 on products and images.

****Payment Plans are required unless paying in full at booking.