To book one of my boudoir sessions, please click on the title of the type of session that you would like to book in order to be taken to my availability calendar for that type of session. 

The boudoir I shoot is for the woman who is only interested in who she is. She is her own person, and her own beauty. I love Victoria’s Secret as much as the next gal, and I’m pretty guilty of pinning various workout plans on Pinterest. Those sites are great for the occasional ‘undies stock-up’ and healthier versions of Mac N’ Cheese, but they aren’t great for forming opinions about sexiness and beauty. You are beautiful as you are. Yeah, I said it… and I haven’t even met you. I can show you how beautiful you are, and I will bring out that sexiness that ‘doesn’t exist’. It does. You aren’t generic, and you aren’t a semi-annual sale. A boudoir experience isn’t about reducing the amount of butter to make you loose a quarter inch. For every boudoir experience, it is my mission to make YOU see how beautiful you are! Every woman is beautiful and she DESERVES to feel how I see you….and like I said, I haven’t even met you yet!

All Dolled Up | $200

1 Hour | 1 Studio Set | 3 Outfits | 15 Digitally Retouched Images


Glamour | $400

1.5 Hours | 1 Studio Set | 3-5 Outfits | 25 Digitally Retouched Images | 6×6 Little Black Book with 24 Images

The Vixen Experience | $700

3 Hours | Offsite Location | Unlimited Outfits | Hair & Makeup Artist Provided | 30 Digitally Retouched Images | 8×8 Little Black Book with 24 Images

Preparing for your Boudoir Session

Choose your Wardrobe – Lingerie is great, but you don’t have wear it if you don’t want to. A button down shirt, sports jersey, oversized sweater, or tight shirt and booty shorts are great alternatives. Be sure to try on your outfit(s) prior to your session to ensure everything fits properly. There will also be lots of options for you to choose from at our studio as well. 


Don’t Forget Accessories – Make sure you think about jewelry, shoes, props, etc. Pack anything you need to get it ready for your session. For props, we suggest bringing personal items that are significant to your partner – sports gear, dog tags, lab coat, etc.


Hair and Makeup – We highly recommend using a makeup artist. If you need suggestions on who we like to work with, please contact us. A MUA will make sure that you look flawless and ready for your close up. We do offer having makeup artists come to the studio. We believe this is the best way to incorporate a MUA into your session as it allows you to relax in our studio as well as helps the MUA see the set you will be photographed in. 


Choose a Location – We can help you with this if you don’t already have a location in mind. We tend to do these sessions at hotels, in studio, or even at your own home.


Exposure – Talk to us prior to the session to let us know what you are comfortable with and how exposed, or unexposed, you want to be during your session. Everyone has a different comfort level, and we like to be aware and informed of your expectations prior to your session so there are no awkward moments. 


Pre-Session Beauty Prep – We suggest getting a mani/pedi a few days prior to your session. If you wax, don’t forget to pencil that into your schedule, as well. If you want to have a base tan for your photos, we recommend beginning to tan a few weeks prior to your session to avoid burning – and remember to think about your outfit and avoid any tan lines that will look bad in photos. We suggest staying away from spray tans. Don’t forget to get your eyebrows shaped before your session.


A few days before your session, lower your salt intake to avoid bloating and also eat a light breakfast the morning of. Drink a lot of water leading up to your session for beautiful, healthy skin and get a good night’s rest the night before. Shave and moisturize for beautiful legs. Wear a clear deodorant. Don’t wear tight clothing, bras, panties, socks, etc. the morning of your session or driving to your session. These will leave red marks on your skin and we want you looking your best.


Relax – The most important thing you can do is relax. We will make sure you look amazing in your photos, so don’t worry! If you’re uncomfortable, it will show, so just keep calm.

I’m really nervous. Is that normal?

It is definitely normal to be nervous for your boudoir session, so don’t worry. Most of our clients are nervous until the session has gone on for a few minutes. After it starts, you’ll begin to loosen up. If you’re still nervous, try out these relaxation tips we’ve provided in another blog post: Click here.


How do I know how to pose?

Don’t worry about posing. We’ve totally got you covered in that department. We know all the tricks to create the most flattering angles for you, no matter what shape or size you are.


Do your packages include hair and makeup?

We do offer packages with complimentary hair and makeup by a professional MUA. See our full list of session packages here for pricing.


Am I allowed to bring alcohol to help loosen my nerves?

As long as you’re over 21, that’s totally fine with us. We do offer champagne or wine at your session to help you relax. Please let us know before your session if you would like to have complimentary wine or champagne at your session. 


Do you provide the wardrobe?

Yes, we provide an extensive wardrobe for you to choose from for your session! However, it is always best to bring a piece or two with you as well as some basic nude & black undergarments for your session. 


I want share these pictures with my partner, but I don’t want loose prints floating around. Any ideas for the best gift?

This is a very common concern and we totally understand. We recommend placing an order for our little black book. This is much more discreet and will keep all of your images in one place and not floating around. We also offer folios and accordion albums as well. For more information on these products, just ask.


What should I bring to my boudoir session?

For our sessions, we suggest an outfit or two as well as some basic nude undergarments and any props you may want to incorporate. Need help choosing props? Check out this blog article we’ve written on incorporating your partner’s interests by clicking here.


Can I bring a friend?

Yes, you can bring a friend if you think it will help you relax. However, sometimes an extra set of eyes has the opposite effect, even if it is a friend. They are more than welcome to come, but if they are making you uncomfortable, they may have to wait out in the lobby.


Will my session be with a male or female photographer?

Our team is composed of all women, so you will only have a female photographer for your session.


Do you do touchups?

Yes, we will smooth skin and do some basic retouching on all of your portraits.


I’m not a model – are boudoir photos still flattering even if my body isn’t perfect?

Absolutely! Nobody is perfect and every woman is sexy. If you have any specific concerns, contact us and we can talk about it!


Do you do outdoor boudoir sessions?

We currently do not have our own outdoor location to do this, but if you have some private land, let us know and we’ll set something up. We do offer outdoor boudoir sessions, but only if they take place on your private property. It also has to be in a secluded area, so nobody can see us during the session. We do this to protect you and our company.


Do I have control over who sees my images?

Yes, most certainly. We will only share photos if you have given us permission and have approved the images for sharing. We respect your wishes and won’t post or share any images if you’d prefer they stay private.


Have a question that’s not listed here? Contact us and we can answer it for you.