What is the cost?

Imagine the ultimate 6-hour boudoir experience, starting at just $500! We’ve got the works – from glam hair & makeup to exploring our fabulous client wardrobe. Our photoshoot is all about making you feel like the shining star you are, with full guidance through every pose. And here’s the best part – after the spotlight moment, you get your private viewing and ordering session. Revel in the empowering boudoir experience as you explore all your stunning images and embrace the Hollywood-worthy vibes! 💖🌟 It’s not just a session; it’s a feel-good journey!

While the $500 session fee covers the full-blown boudoir extravaganza, the actual images are like the dessert – extra but oh-so-worth-it! 🍰💫

We’ve got two fantastic routes to choose from: Collections, the all-inclusive package for the full shebang, or A La Carte Pricing, the mix-and-match wonder for ultimate personalization. Our Collections pricing kicks off at $2,200 and sky’s the limit with a bunch of rad options to make your boudoir dreams come true.

Let’s craft a package that screams ‘you’ and leaves you with the most fabulous products to showcase your individual style! 💃✨ The average client spends $5,400 on their perfect Collection!

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