For the Love of Boudoir

Model in Lingerie on BedIn the realm of photography, the question often arises: why exclusively focus on boudoir? For me, the answer is straightforward—it’s the profound joy that surfaces when clients first lay eyes on their images. The love they feel in that moment mirrors my own deep-seated affection for the art of photography.

My photography journey started in 2007, where summer weddings and winter ventures with cheer and dance teams filled my calendar. Witnessing the immediate and widespread sharing of my work during those public moments, especially on social media, was a gratifying experience. Seeing my photographs become cherished profile images was an honor that fueled my passion for the craft.

Boudoir, however, introduces a distinctive narrative. A staggering 95% of our boudoir clients opt not to sign any release for sharing their photos. This distinct characteristic sets the boudoir business apart—it is a realm shrouded in privacy.

Boudoir photography possesses a transformative power, influencing how individuals perceive themselves. It goes beyond the public gaze, crafting intimate moments that redefine self-image. This private journey is what truly captivates me and fuels my dedication to the world of boudoir photography.

Every click of the shutter tells a story—a story of self-love, acceptance, and the rediscovery of one’s identity. The images may stay behind closed doors, but the impact reverberates far beyond the frame.

For me, it’s not merely about capturing a moment; it’s about creating a legacy of self-love and empowerment, one photograph at a time. In the quiet embrace of privacy, boudoir photography becomes a mirror reflecting the beauty and strength that reside within us all.

Bobby Ericson